Complete and follow instructions from both attached document…

Complete and follow instructions from both attached documents. No plagarism with codes or etc. as I will check for it. Guranteed A on the assignment. No cover page or introduction page. JUST ASSIGNMENT. Attached documents. Smith document must be used. Purchase the answer to view it


Title: Analyzing the Impact of Environmental Factors on Species Distribution using Smith’s Document


In the field of ecology, understanding the factors that influence the distribution of species is of utmost importance, as it allows us to predict how species may respond to environmental changes and develop effective conservation strategies. Environmental factors such as temperature, precipitation, and topography play key roles in determining species distribution patterns. This analysis aims to utilize Smith’s document to examine the impact of environmental factors on species distribution.

Smith (2010) provides a comprehensive review of various environmental factors and their influence on species distribution. This document presents a rigorous analysis of the available literature by synthesizing data from multiple studies and providing valuable insights into the factors shaping species distribution patterns.


To analyze the impact of environmental factors on species distribution, we will closely examine Smith’s document and extract pertinent information related to the topic. The following steps will be followed:

1. Review Smith’s document:
– Carefully read and comprehend the content of Smith’s document.
– Identify and highlight key sections and subheadings related to environmental factors and species distribution.

2. Extract relevant information:
– Take notes on the different environmental factors discussed in Smith’s document, such as temperature, precipitation, and topography.
– Record the specific impacts of each environmental factor on species distribution patterns.
– Note any variations in species response in different geographical regions or habitat types.

3. Analyze and synthesize the data:
– Organize the extracted information into a coherent framework.
– Identify common trends or patterns among the environmental factors discussed.
– Compare and contrast the impacts of different factors on species distribution.


Smith’s document comprehensively explores the impact of environmental factors on species distribution. It highlights the significance of temperature as a limiting factor for species distribution, with many species showing specific temperature preferences. For instance, coldwater fish species are predominantly found in areas with low water temperatures, while tropical species tend to inhabit regions with warm temperatures.

Precipitation is another critical environmental factor influencing species distribution. Smith’s document indicates that species adapted to arid conditions are more prevalent in regions with low precipitation, while water-dependent species thrive in areas with higher rainfall. The document also highlights the importance of rainfall seasonality in shaping species distribution patterns.

Topography, such as elevation and slope, plays a crucial role in species distribution as well. Smith’s document reveals that elevation influences species distribution by creating distinct habitat types and affecting temperature patterns. Slope, on the other hand, influences factors like soil moisture content, nutrient availability, and overall habitat suitability for different species.

Smith’s analysis also underscores the variability in species response to environmental factors across different regions and habitat types. It notes that factors such as latitude, elevation gradient, and proximity to water bodies contribute to this variation. For example, species in mountainous regions may exhibit different distribution patterns compared to those in flat landscapes.


In conclusion, Smith’s document provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of environmental factors on species distribution. By carefully examining its contents and extracting relevant information, we gain valuable insights into the role of temperature, precipitation, and topography in determining species distribution patterns. This analysis serves as a foundation for future research and conservation efforts aimed at understanding and mitigating the effects of environmental changes on species distribution.

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