Create your resume in a style of your choice. The resume s…

Create your resume in a style of your choice.  The resume should be written from the standpoint of your career objectives based on the major you selected at this University, and applying for your first job in your chosen career.  Upload the Word document to the drop box


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information
Name: John Doe
Address: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA
Phone: (555) 123-4567

Seeking a position in the field of [chosen career], utilizing my skills in [specific skills related to chosen career], as well as my education in [major selected at this University].

Bachelor of Science in [Major], [University Name], [Date]

– Proficient in [specific software or technical skills relevant to chosen career]
– Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
– Excellent communication and presentation skills
– Attention to detail and ability to work under pressure
– Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team and individually

Relevant Coursework
– [Course 1]: Provided a comprehensive understanding of [specific topic related to chosen career].
– [Course 2]: Equipped me with the skills to [specific skill relevant to chosen career].
– [Course 3]: Developed my expertise in [specific area of interest within chosen career].

Work Experience
Intern, [Company Name], [Dates]
– Assisted in [specific tasks or projects related to chosen career].
– Conducted research and gathered data for [specific projects].
– Collaborated with team members to [specific objectives or goals].

Research Assistant, [University Department], [Dates]
– Conducted literature reviews and assisted in data collection and analysis.
– Assisted in writing research papers and reports.
– Presented research findings at [conference or seminar name].

– [Project 1]: Led a team in developing a [specific project related to chosen career], resulting in [specific positive outcome].
– [Project 2]: Successfully completed a [specific project related to chosen career], demonstrating [specific skills or accomplishments].

Publications and Presentations
– [Title of Publication]: Published in [journal name] in [year].
– [Title of Presentation]: Presented at [conference or seminar name].

Leadership and Extra-Curricular Activities
– President, [University club or organization], [Dates]
– Volunteer, [Charitable organization], [Dates]

– Fluent in [Language 1]
– Proficient in [Language 2]

Available upon request

Note: This resume is tailored to the objective of securing a first job in the chosen career field. It emphasizes relevant education, skills, and experiences.

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