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Creating a Classroom Management Plan Template

Creating a Classroom Management Plan Template

Classroom Teacher: Ms.Sherman
Classroom Management Plan Statement of Purpose:

safe, positive learning environment, which promotes education, safety, cooperation, creativity, and academic success. All students will be active participants in the educational process in order to achieve their full potential.


Rules (List 3-5): Rule Positive Reinforcements: Rule Consequences:
1. Raise your hand if you have a question.


Students get to put a star by their name whenever they raise their hand.


· Warning

· Notes home

· Phone calls

2. Use an inside voice in the


Students receive a good note home when they are quiet and use their inside voice when they are allowed to talk. · Warning

· Notes home

· Phone calls

3. Ask permission before using others’ materials The class is rewarded with a treat when all students ask for permission. · Warning

· Notes home

· Phone calls

4. Follow teacher directions the first time they are given


The student is rewarded with a candy from the candy jar if they follow directions the first time given. · Warning

· Notes home

· Phone calls

5. Pay attention and stay on



The class is rewarded with free time when all students pass get complimented for staying on task. · Warning

· Notes home

· Phone calls

Classroom Procedures and Routines:


If students are disruptive we will start with a simple warning to the student and a note will be made on their file. If the student’s behavior continues the student will receive a note home informing their parents of what is going on. If the behavior continues the student will be referred to the assistant principal.



Classroom Environmental Considerations:


The classroom has a very small space to contend with. The desks are in rows. The rows allow me to see the students while I’m teaching and allow enough space to keep them from being tempt to talk. The students will be divided up into groups for some assignments and when they are to complete individual work they will get placed back in rows. My desk sits close to the back of the room which allows me to keep an eye on everything happening within the walls of my classroom.





Implementation Plan:

This plan will be developed and introduced to my para pro and to my students so that everyone is aware of the protocols. I would take about this draft and ask for input and make changes; but only make changes if the suggestions do not jeopardize effective implementation. The action plan will become a living document for us to go by. All staff must know what is in the plan and understand their role in implementing the plan. Also, they must believe the goals may be achieved if everyone works in collaboration.

1. Frequent visual and auditory monitoring to praise and redirect

2. Immediate, calm and fair handling of misbehavior.



Documentation Plan:


I take notes in a system called Infinite Campus where I can document what happened during the day, notes, phone calls, etc. The system would show the patterns and allow other to know when the plan had to be used.



Confidentiality and Ethical/Legal Considerations Plan:


No information can be shared without first going through the special education department. Confidential documents will be kept locked in the vault until needed and a student’s rights packet will be given to parents once a year at their child’s IEP meeting.



Crisis Management Plan:


There are 2 types of crisis one involving behavior and the other involving medical.


In regards to the

Behavioral Crisis Plan, students will be removed from the classroom so that the teacher or para pro can have a better control of the situation. Students will be assigned to do small group work while I address the crisis if they do not have to leave the classroom due to student leaving. The student going through the crisis will be able to express themselves to the teacher privately to give the teacher a better understanding of why the crisis is occurring. If situation cannot be resolved in a timely manner, send a student to the office requesting assistance. The parents will be contacted and informed of what happened and the situation will be documented in Infinite Campus.

If it is for the Medical Crisis Plan, the student will be sent to the office with the para pro requesting assistance. The other students would be asked to make a space or opening so that the student could have some space and so that the student could be monitored. The parents will be contacted and informed of what happened and the situation will be documented in Infinite Campus.



Substitute Teacher Plans


There is a substitute teacher folder that has the daily work for the substitute to complete with the students for each subject matter. The directions will also be in the folder, and labeled.






Classroom Management Plan Rationale:





According to CEC Ethical Principles and Professional Practice Standards (2015),

“Professional special educators are guided by the Council for Exceptional Children professional

ethical principles, practice standards, and professional policies in ways that respect the diverse

characteristics and needs of individuals with exceptionalities and their families”. It is our goal

and responsibility as special education teachers to guarantee the safety, opportunity, and best

education possible to give to our students. The plan that is stated above will protect the students,

staff, bystanders, and school system when the unexpected happens. The Ministry of Education,

Guyana (2015), “Classroom management creates a set of expectations used in an organized

classroom environment. It includes routines, rules and consequences. Effective classroom

management paves the way for the teacher to engage the students in learning.” A well-managed

classrooms offers the students to the opportunity to learn in a safe and calm environment that

will keep them focused on learning and not on distractions. Often the children are distracted and

often get off task and it is vital to have a way to keep them focused and even more able to focus

them in an event of a crisis. This classroom management plan will do just that and allow us to

address the crisis without stopping the other students from continuing to learn and providing

safety for all involved. “Many teachers are fearful, unprepared, and ill-equipped to deal with

dangerous student behavior. One of the major impacts of the lack of active crisis planning and

management has been unsafe classroom environments” (Rock, 2000, pg.248). Knowing the

environment of the classroom is so important is the reason why having this plan in place to keep

a safe, calm, and organized plan in the event of a crisis is so necessary.



Council for Exceptional Children. (2015). What Every Special Educator Must Know:

Professional Ethics and Standards. Arlington, VA: CEC Received from


Ministry of Education, Guyana. (2015). Why Classroom Management Is Important. Retrieved from


Rock, M. (2000). Effective Crisis Management Planning: Creating A Collaborative Framework. Education and Treatment of Children, 23(3), 248-264. Retrieved from




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