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Principal Leadership and District Policy

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Principal Leadership and District Policy


One of the factors that determine how well a school performs is its organization and the depth to which the stakeholders understand and play their roles. This paper is a summary of two interviews conducted, one at Northridge Elementary School on the subject of day-to-day Principal Leadership, and one at the Alpine School District on the subject of District Policy. The first interview was held on January 6, 2020, the interviewee being Craig Jensen, the Director of Human Resources of Alpine School District. This interviewee stated that his role, generally, is to supervise and advise the district on strategic issues like staffing, compensation, training and development, and benefits (Jensen, 2020). As a leader, he must also ensure the development of a culture in which employees perform in line with the objectives of the school. Mr. Jensen stated that district policies are made and updated if and when the need arises. The School Board meets in each April of every year to officially review, formulate, and update any school policy (Policies by Category, 2020).

The second interview, conducted on January 7, 2020, with John LaBare as the interviewee, was to find out the duties and functions of an Elementary School principal. Each day at the school is as unique as a snowflake according to Mr. LaBare (2020). The primary function of the principal is to cultivate and execute a collective vision of quality education for the academic achievement and welfare of all students. Being the pillar of the school, the principal is expected to show adeptness and honor in every aspect: relationships, decision-making, cultural awareness, and professionalism. He is supposed to show support for curriculum and instruction and empower all stakeholders, including teachers, staff, students, parents, PTA, and the overall community to work towards improving each student (Northridge Elementary Parent & Student Handbook, 2019). In short, he is supposed to hold the school together and ensure improvement in every domain.

In light of the outcomes of these interviews, and in adherence to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders Standard 9 (Reston, 2015), I have a conviction that the knowledge so far gained will help nurture my skills as a future educational leader. It will help me in the efficient management of school functions and resources to ensure the academic achievement and welfare of each student. This knowledge will assist me, in future practice, to manage the school’s resources strategically, professionally, responsibly, and ethically. In summary, this knowledge will help guide me in the future duties that will promote the achievement of my personal career goals within the scope of my field of expertise.















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