Fake email that is for professionalism

Read all instructions before clicking anything.

This assignment serves as your “capstone” for the professionalism component of this class. That means that you are putting everything that you learned from the Emerge with Rubin readings and assignments into use in this assignment, e.g., all parts of an email, greeting, email signature, tone, correct use of writing conventions, accurate spelling, etc.

You can decide whether you would like to request a job, an internship position, or scholarship. YVC students have the opportunity to apply for Yakima Valley College Foundation scholarships (Links to an external site.). Applications are normally available beginning in December for the following academic year. If you plan to be at YVC next year, I suggest that you take the opportunity of this assignment to draft a cover letter requesting that scholarship. (Note that current Running Start (RS) students are ineligible for these scholarships because RS student tuition is already covered by the school districts.)

  • Read the material under the References tab.
  • Draft your email in a document (do not email me!)
  • Address your email to To Whom It May Concern, To the Hiring Committee, To the Selection Committee, or something similar.
  • Review all of the previous Professionalism assignments to remind yourself of what needs to be included, e.g., all parts of an email as described in Emerge with Rubin.
  • Be sure, in particular, to include your COVID-19 story as a way of convincing the person that you have the traits relevant to what you are asking for.
  • Upload your “email” to this assignment.

Important note: I am redundantly repeating myself again: These Emerge with Rubin assignments are cumulative. You should include all of what you have learned in all subsequent (Links to an external site.) assignments, e.g., all parts of an email, appropriate tone, appropriate story, etc. 


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