I need a swing program but it must be create in Jcreatorand …

I need a swing program but it must be create in Jcreator and the concept i want is pregnancy calculator and another button for baby names for boys and girls , here is the doctor instruction , another example and we want the same report concept


Creating a swing program in Jcreator that functions as a pregnancy calculator and provides baby names for boys and girls requires careful consideration of the requirements, design, and implementation.

To begin, one must understand the concept of a pregnancy calculator. A pregnancy calculator typically takes inputs such as the last menstrual period (LMP) and provides an estimate of the expected due date, as well as other important milestones throughout the pregnancy. The calculations involved in a pregnancy calculator are based on established medical guidelines and formulas.

In terms of the program’s design, it is essential to create a user-friendly interface with input fields for the required information, such as the LMP, and display areas for the calculated results. The swing framework in Java provides various components that can be used to build the user interface, such as text fields, labels, and buttons.

To calculate the expected due date, the program will need to incorporate the appropriate formula, which typically involves adding a certain number of weeks to the LMP. It is crucial to ensure accurate and reliable calculations by referencing reputable medical sources and double-checking the accuracy of the implemented formula.

Additionally, integrating a database or utilizing external APIs that provide a comprehensive list of baby names for boys and girls will be necessary. The program should include buttons for selecting the desired gender and a mechanism for displaying a random name from the corresponding category. The chosen names should be stored in a way that allows users to easily view and reference them later.

Finally, the program should have a report concept, which typically involves generating and displaying a summary of the calculated results and the chosen baby names. This report can be shown in a separate window or within the main user interface. It should provide a clear and organized overview of the essential pregnancy milestones, such as the expected due date, current gestational age, and the selected baby names.

In summary, creating a swing program in Jcreator with the concept of a pregnancy calculator and a baby name generator requires careful consideration of the design, implementation, and user interface. Accurate calculations and reliable data sources are crucial for a reliable pregnancy calculator, while integrating a database or an external API will aid in providing a diverse list of baby names. Finally, a well-designed report concept will ensure that the calculated results and chosen names are presented in an organized and user-friendly manner.

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