If you were asked by your employer to develop a new Informa…

If you were asked by your employer to develop a new Information Security Policy, where would you turn to find resources to build this policy? List the two most important items you would include in this new policy and explain why you felt these were most important.


Developing a comprehensive Information Security Policy is crucial for any organization, as it sets the foundation for effectively managing and protecting sensitive information. When embarking on this task, it is essential to consult a wide range of resources to ensure that the policy aligns with best practices, regulatory requirements, and industry standards. In this response, I will highlight two primary sources of information and discuss the two most important items to include in a new Information Security Policy.

The first resource that can be leveraged when developing an Information Security Policy is industry standards and frameworks. These standards provide guidance and best practices that organizations can adhere to when implementing robust security measures. One notable framework is the ISO/IEC 27001, which outlines the internationally recognized requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system. By referencing this framework, organizations can ensure that their policies align with globally accepted practices.

In addition to industry standards, legal and regulatory requirements are essential resources for developing an Information Security Policy. Laws and regulations vary based on the country and industry sector, and organizations must comply with these requirements to avoid legal and financial consequences. For instance, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces strict obligations for organizations that handle personal data of EU residents. By incorporating these legal requirements into the policy, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive information and mitigate legal risks.

Now, let us turn to the two most important items to include in a new Information Security Policy. The first critical item is the establishment of clear roles and responsibilities within the organization. This section of the policy should outline the specific responsibilities of employees, managers, and other relevant stakeholders regarding information security. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities, employees can understand their obligations, ensuring accountability and fostering a culture of security awareness throughout the organization. Furthermore, delineating these roles can help determine who has access to sensitive information, and who is responsible for implementing security controls and responding to security incidents.

The second important item to include in the policy is a comprehensive risk assessment and management process. Risk assessment is a fundamental step in understanding potential threats and vulnerabilities to an organization’s information assets. By conducting regular risk assessments, organizations can identify areas of weaknesses and prioritize actions to mitigate risks. The policy should outline the methodology for conducting risk assessments, including the criteria used to evaluate risks and the process for implementing risk management controls. Incorporating a risk management process in the policy ensures that security measures are proactive and aligned with the organization’s risk tolerance, ultimately enhancing the overall security posture.

In conclusion, developing an effective Information Security Policy requires consulting various resources such as industry standards and legal requirements. The two most important items to include in this policy are clear roles and responsibilities, which promote accountability and security awareness, and a comprehensive risk assessment and management process, which ensures proactive mitigation of potential threats. By incorporating these elements, organizations can establish a robust framework for safeguarding sensitive information.

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