Interview Of Cooperating Teacher

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Interview your cooperating teacher/mentor about the following aspects  of your cooperating classroom. Use the discussion to prepare for the  student teaching experience. Your interview questions and observations  should review the following:

The best methods for communicating with your cooperating  teacher.

Their school philosophy, policies, calendar, and    daily schedule. The “Professional    Dispositions” including expectations regarding dress,    behavior, etc.

Required reports and recordkeeping, grading    standards, and discipline procedures.

District/school    resources provided based upon the learning expectations.

Expectations for students, routines, procedures, and an    established classroom management plan.

Additional questions    as appropriate. In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon your interview and  explain how you will use your findings in your student teaching  practice and future professional practice. Consider the following:

What surprised you the most about your cooperating/mentor    teacher’s responses?

How do the     “Professional Dispositions” align to your    cooperating/mentor teacher’s responses?

How can you    apply your findings to your future professional practice? What    policies and routines might you replicate in your own future  classroom?

Submit the interview questions, interview notes and/or transcript,  and summary as one deliverable.  While APA style format is not required for the body of this  assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations  and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines,  which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student  Success Center.

1. The best methods for communicating with your cooperating teacher.

0. email or text

1. Their school philosophy, policies, calendar, and daily schedule.

1. The mission of Silver Bluff High School is to prepare students to become responsible lifelong learners by providing diverse learning experiences in a positive environment where the school and community work together to enable students to reach their maximum potential.

1. Code of conduct is attached.

1. Link to weekly memos: Memos

1. Daily schedule is attached.

1. The “Professional Dispositions” including expectations regarding dress, behavior, etc.

2. All teachers must be prepared and ready for students to enter the classroom at 7:45 AM (promptly). We may leave as early as 3:45PM.

2. No blue jeans allowed except upon announcement.

1. Required reports and recordkeeping, grading standards, and discipline procedures.

3. Update grades weekly.

3. Reference Rubicon Atlas weekly and teach to the standards. Lesson plans should meet the expectations of the lesson plan folder shared by Dr. Briscoe: Plan Expectations

3. 9th and 12th grade discipline go to Mr. Burnham; 10th and 11th grade discipline go to Mrs. Valentine.

2. We use ABE as our discipline referral platform.

1. District/school resources provided based upon the learning expectations.

4. Rubicon Atlas:

4. Login – my school email address

4. Password – same as PowerTeacher

1. Expectations for students, routines, procedures, and an established classroom management plan.

5. Greet students at the door (positive)

5. All students will enter the classroom and begin WUP

5. Establish a collection process for WUP paperwork

5. Establish a routine for checking HW and attendance

5. Establish a bathroom policy

5. Establish a textbook policy

5. Transitions should be smooth

5. Teach bell to bell

5. Establish a procedure to offer daily guidance, CFU, closure, and independent work

5. Post LO and agenda on the board – update daily

5. Invite students (offer an incentive) to come back for ILT support

10. Post ILT calendar outside classroom door

1. Additional questions as appropriate.


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