Leadership Class

Ela 350V: Exam 1 study guide

Chapters 1-6

Chapter 1: When leaders are at their best

Know the 5 practices of exemplary leadership:

What is leadership about?

Model the way:

What earns your respect as a leader? What is the first step of Modeling the way? What must you create within your constituents? What is to be said with actions and values?

Inspire a Shared Vision:

What is to be said about leaders and future? What is a leader’s role in inspiring others? What must you establish clearly?

Challenge the Process:

Why is important for leaders to challenge the process? How do leaders challenge the process? What is to be said about taking risks? What is said about failures and mistakes?


Chapter 1 cont…

Enable Others to Act:

How do leaders foster collaboration? What is to be said about trust? What is to be said about decision making?

Encourage the Heart:

What is the most powerful currency you have as a leader? What is to be said about recognition and celebrations?

What is to be said about leadership and relationships?

What are the top 10 characteristics of admired leaders?

What is the role of credibility in leadership?

What does DWYSYWD stand for? Why is this important?


Chapter 2: Clarify Values

Why is it important for leaders to understand their own values and beliefs?

How do you improve commitment among constituents?

What are the foundational pillars for building productive and genuine working relationship?

Why should you engage in dialogue about values?

What was found in the research the authors share around building shared values?

How do you increase loyalty?

Chapter 3: Set the example

Being a credible leader means you have to ______ the shared values and _______ them to others.

Why is it important to practice what you preach as a leader?

What is the clearest indicator of what is important to you as a leader?

What is to be said about leaders and the language they use?

What is to be said about feedback as a leader? What does it promote?

What is necessary to providing good feedback?

What are critical incidents? Why are they important?

How is story telling used in leadership?

Chapter 4: Envision the future

Why is it important for leaders to envision the future? Should this be done only by the leader?

What does it mean to be forward-looking?

Why is reflecting on your past important?

What is to be said about passion?

Why is it important for leaders to listen deeply to others? What can leaders gain from listening to others?

What does it mean to look forward in times of rapid change?

Chapter 5: Enlist Others

What does it mean to connect what’s meaningful to others? How do we do this?

Taking pride in what is unique about your organization and having an “us” vs “them attitude is important. Why? What are the benefits of this?

Feeling special fosters a sense of what?

What is to be said about the dreams of your constituents?

How do you inspire others to become internally motivated as a leader?

What is symbolic language?

How do you use positive communication?

What types of communication should be used to express your emotions as a leader? What are the benefits of sharing your emotions?

Chapter 6: Search for opportunities

Why should leaders look outward?

Challenges bring out the best in people. Why do you have to change the status quo?

What is to be said about making something happen as a leader? Why is it important to take initiative.

Challenging must always be accompanied by a _________, not doing so just for the sake of doing so.

What is the difference between external and internal motivation?

What do the authors mean when they say to treat every job as an adventure?


Exam 1 Feebies!

As a reward for going through this study guide you will be provided with 5 Freebie questions and answers that will be on your exam:

If you don’t believe in the [messenger], you won’t believe the [message].

Qualities of a great leader include being able to manage their own emotions as well as others they work with. True or False?


Being ___________ is shown to be associated with being an effective leader when being assessed by immediate managers


A means of increasing support for a decision can be accomplished by

Asking others what they think

Workplace engagement and commitment are significantly explained by:

How the leader behaves


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