List and describe two forms of organizational change. How d…

List and describe two forms of organizational change. How does organizational change create business innovation?  Give an example. Reply substantively to two other learners with thought provoking statements and questions that cause the learner to think and moves the discussion forward. ( due 10/03/18 9am )


Two forms of organizational change that can occur within a business are planned change and unplanned change. Planned change refers to intentional efforts by managers or leaders to initiate a change within the organization. This type of change is often driven by the need to improve or adapt to external pressures such as market demands, new technology, or changes in consumer preferences. Planned change can involve implementing new strategies, restructuring the organization, or introducing new processes or technologies.

On the other hand, unplanned change refers to unexpected or unforeseen shifts that occur within the organization. These changes are often the result of external forces such as economic fluctuations, natural disasters, or sudden changes in the competitive landscape. Unplanned change can create major disruptions and require immediate attention from management.

Organizational change is closely linked to business innovation, as it provides the catalyst for new ideas, processes, and products. When organizations undergo change, it prompts individuals and teams to reassess their current practices and find new ways of doing things. This often leads to innovative solutions to existing problems or the development of entirely new products or services.

For example, let’s consider the case of a major software company that is facing increased competition and declining market share for one of its flagship products. In response, the company initiates a planned change by restructuring its development teams and processes to become more agile and customer-focused. This change prompts the teams to adopt new methodologies and technologies that enable them to release updates and new features more quickly. As a result, the company is able to respond more effectively to customer needs and preferences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a boost in sales. In this case, the planned change of restructuring the organization created the opportunity for business innovation in the form of new processes and a more customer-centric approach.

Engaging in substantive discussions with other learners can further enhance understanding and promote critical thinking. Here are some thought-provoking statements and questions to consider:

1. Can you think of any other examples where unplanned change resulted in business innovation? How do organizations deal with the uncertainty and disruption caused by unplanned change?

2. In what ways can organizations foster a culture of innovation during times of planned change? How can leaders create an environment that encourages employees to think creatively and contribute new ideas?

By considering these questions, we can delve deeper into the intersection of organizational change and business innovation, and gain a better understanding of the potential impact they can have on an organization’s success.

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