Map your persona’s journey


Now that you have a fake person based on real data, describe a journey the user might take that describes a journey from beginning to end. You may have to fill in some details here, but you get to choose the details of the journey so that it represents a realistic journey this fake person might experience.
You will include the following details:
● Touchpoints. What are the key actions in the journey? You are not tracking their journey in a step-by-step level of detail, but you must include the key actions that the user does during this journey.
● Emotional Reaction. Reaching a goal
● Design Idea. Enter the title only for your design idea that you will describe in the next step. This may or may not be entered at one specific point in the journey. I.e., where does your new idea fit in to the journey?
Step 5: Propose a nudging-based design
In roughly 150 to 200 words describe your technological design idea (your “nudging” technology or feature of technology) focusing on the following:
1. The technological basics; i.e., what is it?
2. What social norm is this attempting to affect?
3. How it is to be used, including why it is to be used at a particular touchpoint.


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