Medical Diagnosis- (Pathophysiology of medical diagnosis


• Medical Diagnosis- (Pathophysiology of medical diagnosis including definition, signs & symptoms, and treatment/diagnostic measures) cite your sources. Explain why this topic is important to you. (8)
• Past medical history, Chief Complaints/Date, Relevant Labs Reports and Relevant Data (2)
Nursing Process
Assessment- (10 points)
• What subjective or Objective data was present with this type of patient? (2)
• What did you glean from the chart? (2)
• What information from report was most useful? (2)
• Was there any aspect of your education that helped with this assessment decision? (3)
• Explain why? (1)

Diagnosis (10 points)
• Develop Nursing diagnoses related to medical diagnoses (include primary physical, psychosocial and education nursing diagnosis). (4)
• Why did you choose them for this patient? (1)
• Did you agree with them? (1)
• Did you speak to the preceptor about adding, deleting, or modifying them? (2)
• How did care planning at Stratford help with this? Explain your response. (2)

Planning-(10 points)
• How would you plan your care for such a patient? (2)
• Do you foresee any difficulties with planning when caring for this patient and what or how would it impact your care process? (4)
• Did your plan for this patient change as the day progressed? (2)

Implementing- (10 points)
• What institutional resources played a factor in accomplishing your plan? (2
• What are the Nursing Considerations for this medical diagnosis? (Are there particular aspects that should be monitored such as lab values or etc.?) (4)
• What are some tasks that could be delegated if any, for this type of patient? Talk about that decision). (4)

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The post Medical Diagnosis- (Pathophysiology of medical diagnosis appeared first on nursing writers.


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