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Tanya Jones


In Romans, how does Paul rationalize the lack of receptivity of many Jews to his preaching in Chapters 9-11?

Apostle Paul rationalizes the lack of receptivity of the Jews to his preaching by pointing that the Israelites were still captive of the Mosaic Law, yet his preaching was grounded on the notion that Christianity was ‘the end of the law.’ Therefore, the new gospel was a new way of thinking and therefore hard or difficult to accept seeing that the Jewish people believed they were the only chosen people and that the messiah was meant for them, not the gentiles. Paul was a Jew and therefore, he had a perfect background of zealously pursuing and defending the Mosaic Law, which means he could excuse the Jewish people for not accepting Jesus wholeheartedly as the messiah of everyone including the verified gentiles. He bemoans the Jews for rejecting the fulfillment of the Messianic purpose since they believe they were the chosen people and then explains that Christianity fulfilled the same purpose even to the Jewish people irrespective of whether they trusted God’s way of doing it or not.



Shena Kline

  1.  As seen in our weekly lesson it states “without self-control, ones freedom will be compromised by selfish impulses.” I view this as I am free to my options for dinner, but what is beneficial for me and my family is not always what is wanted. It is difficult to have self-control, but it does not limit our freedom as the options are still there. We just have to decide what to follow. In the end we are not to fear our choices, but to trust in Gods love and guidance.


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