This weeks reading mentioned various types of mobile attacks…

This weeks reading mentioned various types of mobile attacks. In your own words state what types of attacks exists and the method of approach you would utilize to address the attack in an enterprise setting. Please state your answer in 500 words  with APA format.



In the field of mobile security, numerous types of attacks have been identified and documented. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices, networks, and applications, with the aim of compromising user data, accessing sensitive information, or undermining the overall security of the enterprise. This essay will provide an overview of the different types of mobile attacks and discuss recommended approaches to addressing these attacks within an enterprise setting.

Types of Mobile Attacks

1. Malware Attacks
Malware attacks involve the deployment of malicious software onto a mobile device. This software is usually disguised as a legitimate app or embedded within third-party apps. Once installed, the malware gains unauthorized access to the device’s resources, compromising the user’s data and potentially rendering the device unusable. Examples of malware attacks include ransomware, spyware, and trojan horses.

2. Network Attacks
Network attacks target mobile devices by exploiting vulnerabilities in the wireless networks they connect to. Man-in-the-middle attacks, in which an attacker intercepts and alters communication between a mobile device and its intended recipient, are a common example of network attacks. These attacks enable hackers to eavesdrop on communications, capture sensitive information, or inject malicious code.

3. Phishing Attacks
Phishing attacks are social engineering tactics that trick mobile device users into divulging their sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card details. It typically involves an email or message pretending to be from a legitimate source, urging the recipient to provide personal information through a fraudulent link or website. Once obtained, this information can lead to identity theft or unauthorized access to critical enterprise systems.

4. Application-based Attacks
Application-based attacks target vulnerabilities within mobile apps themselves. Attackers exploit coding flaws, insecure data storage, or weak authorization mechanisms to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or execute malicious activities. Examples include unauthorized data access, injection attacks, and bypassing authentication mechanisms.

Addressing Mobile Attacks in an Enterprise Setting

To effectively address mobile attacks in an enterprise setting, a multi-layered security approach is required. This approach should involve both technical and non-technical measures to mitigate the risk of mobile attacks. The following recommendations outline the key methods to address mobile attacks:

1. Implement Robust Security Policies
Enterprises should establish comprehensive security policies that define acceptable use of mobile devices and set guidelines for employees on safe practices. This includes enforcing strong passwords, using encryption, regularly updating software, and restricting the installation of unauthorized apps.

2. Deploy Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions
MDM solutions provide centralized management and control over mobile devices within an enterprise. They enable organizations to enforce security policies, remotely wipe devices, and manage application installations and updates.

3. Educate Employees
Employees should be trained on the risks associated with mobile attacks and educated on best practices to mitigate these risks. This includes being cautious of suspicious links, avoiding untrusted Wi-Fi networks, and being mindful of the permissions requested by mobile apps.

4. Implement Secure App Development Practices
Enterprises should adopt secure coding practices to ensure that their mobile applications are developed with security in mind. This includes conducting regular code reviews, using encryption for sensitive data, and implementing secure authentication and authorization mechanisms.


Mobile attacks pose a significant threat to the security of enterprises. Understanding the different types of mobile attacks and implementing appropriate countermeasures is essential to mitigate the risk. By adopting a multi-layered security approach, which includes robust security policies, secure mobile device management solutions, employee education, and secure app development practices, organizations can effectively address these attacks and safeguard their sensitive information.

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