Using the industry where you currently work or have worked …

Using the industry where you currently work or have worked before, write a 3 to 5-page proposal recommending your choice between Android or iOS?  From a user and developer’s perspective, which would you recommend to your company and why? Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:


Proposal: Choice between Android or iOS in the Automotive Industry


This proposal aims to recommend the best mobile operating system choice for an automotive company from both user and developer perspectives. The two leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, provide distinct advantages and disadvantages. In order to arrive at an informed decision, this proposal will analyze the characteristics of each platform, considering factors such as market share, user experience, development tools, security, customization options, and ecosystem integration.

Market Share

Both Android and iOS enjoy considerable market share in the mobile operating system industry. However, Android holds the largest market share globally, with approximately 85% of the market, while iOS holds around 15%. In the automotive industry, Android’s dominant market share makes it an appealing choice due to its wider reach and larger pool of potential users.

User Experience

When evaluating a mobile operating system, user experience is crucial. Android offers a high level of customization, allowing users to personalize their devices to a greater extent. This flexibility is particularly valuable in the automotive industry, where users may have unique preferences for interface design and navigation. On the other hand, iOS offers a more standardized and user-friendly experience. Its intuitive interface and consistent design elements create a cohesive user experience across devices. Considering the preferences of the automotive company’s target audience, a decision will be made based on whether customization or standardization is more important.

Development Tools

The choice of mobile operating system also impacts the development process. Android provides an open-source platform with a wide range of development tools. These tools enable developers to create innovative applications that cater to specific industry needs. Additionally, Android offers support for multiple programming languages, allowing developers with diverse skill sets to contribute to projects. In contrast, iOS development is limited to Apple’s proprietary tools and programming languages. While this may limit some creativity, it also ensures a higher level of quality control and stability within the ecosystem. The preference for flexibility or consistency in the development process will guide the decision-making process.


Security is a critical consideration in the mobile operating system selection process. iOS has a reputation for robust security measures due to its closed ecosystem and rigorous app screening process. This closed nature reduces the risk of malware or other malicious applications infiltrating the system. Android, being an open-source platform, is more susceptible to security vulnerabilities. However, Android offers enhanced security features such as app permission controls, secure boot, and file-based encryption. The importance placed on security by the automotive company will influence the ultimate decision.

Customization Options

The level of customization available on each platform is another key factor to consider. Android users have access to a vast array of customization options, allowing them to modify aspects such as home screen layout, widgets, and third-party app integration. iOS, on the other hand, provides limited customization options, ensuring a more consistent user experience but potentially restricting the ability to tailor the device to specific needs. The significance of customization in the target market will determine the preferred platform.

Ecosystem Integration

The integration of the chosen operating system with the automotive company’s existing ecosystem is crucial for seamless operations and improved user experience. Android’s open-source nature allows for deep integration with various systems, including in-car infotainment and telematics. This flexibility grants the ability to create a tightly integrated ecosystem that meets the needs of the automotive industry. iOS, while more closed-off, provides a robust ecosystem with well-established integrations with Apple’s other products and services. The decision will be guided by the company’s existing infrastructure and the desired level of integration.


In consideration of the factors outlined in this proposal, it is recommended that the automotive company adopts the Android operating system for its mobile platform. Android’s dominance in the market, high level of customization, flexibility in development, and integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for the automotive industry. However, the final decision will ultimately depend on the specific needs and priorities of the company, as well as the preferences of its target audience.

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